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Happy Birthday, Calvin

Baby boy, this year has gone by so quickly. I have loved so much and I have learned so much. You turned my world upside down. I love you – you’ll never know how much.

My baby is one today. In honor of his birthday, I decided that I should finally write down his birth story.

I had been planning a natural childbirth long before I was even pregnant. When I moved to Atlanta I quickly figured out which hospital would let me have a waterbirth and I also found an awesome midwife and began to see her. Although I am a supporter of homebirth, I really wanted my first to be born in a hospital, minus the typical hospital experience. Fortunately that option was available to me.

I was due in mid-August 2008. August came and went. My midwife began talking about the unthinkable: induction. I really did not want to be induced. I really feared being induced. I have read so many horror stories of failed inductions as well as stories of women who believe that pitocin contractions are much worse that natural contractions. Since I was going drug-free, this was certainly a concern. But my midwife promised a “low and slow” pitocin drip. Best of all, we would turn off the pitocin once labor got going. With that reassurance (as well as additional reassurance from my doula) I felt fairly ready when I checked into the hospital on the morning of September 2nd. Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth“It’s as though they think they invented birth.” My midwife shook her head sadly as she spoke about the views of many obstetricians. I had just met her, but we had already bonded over a shared philosophy of natural childbirth. A midwife for over thirty years, she said that she had seen the pendulum swing both ways when it came to intervention in birth. She couldn’t believe how technological birth is today, and she hoped that the pendulum would soon swing back. I do, too.
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Commune Livin’

Perhaps as a testament to my budding crunchy granola side, the topic of communes has occasionally arisen in the course of conversation with friends. While I am quick to extol the virtues of this type of idealistic, collectivistic society, the truth is that I would not make a good commune dweller. My only interest in commune living would be for improved efficiencies, not for any other political or social reasons. My commune would require only the most self-sufficient, individualistic breeds of people, and I don’t believe that there are enough of us to achieve the kind of efficient, peaceful living that I desire.

Plus, I don’t think my husband would ever go for it.

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