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My first 5k experience

Liz runsYesterday I achieved a long-held goal: I ran my first 5k race, the ShamRock ‘n Roll. I ran with a friend as well as my dog Ginger. I knew my husband wouldn’t be interested in running the race, especially since he recently broke his leg. Instead he cheered us all on, in a “please run fast so we can go home soon” kind of way.
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Year End

I am a big fan of all things having to do with the end of one year and the beginning of the next. I enjoy this reflection that the calendar forces upon me.

Last year at this time I found myself newly transplanted back to Atlanta. I had just achieved two major milestones: the completion of grad school and CPA certification. I had left public accounting and I was pursuing other avenues of interest. These were all things that I had desperately wanted, yet my daily life had become crippled by an overwhelming sense of anxiety. My main goal in 2006 was to rid myself of the anxiety. Though I am not completely there yet, I am so much closer now than I was then. On paper it doesn’t appear that I accomplished much else, but that would be very deceiving. I relearned how to relax and how to have fun. David and I spent countless hours in our yard, landscaping and tending the vegetable garden. We went whitewater rafting. We spent a weekend in Philadelphia and New York. I spent a weekend on the waverunner in Tampa. I read many books. It was all good.

The coming year is going to be different from any other. David begins working. We’re going to renovate our kitchen. Starting a family is in our very near future. Life as we know it will change, and I think I am ready for that.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. I have a chronic problem of trying to overacheive way beyond my capabilities, and my resolutions were always indicative of this. I could type several pages of resolutions, with categories such as health, books, and spirituality. It was a good intentioned pathway to my own personal hell. One thing that David has taught me is self-acceptance, and it is only through his influence that I no longer make resolutions. But I’m still a Type-A, goal-oriented person through and through. What I’m loosely planning on in 2007:

  • A lot of house renovations
  • A lot more reading (I like the 50 books a year concept)
  • A lot more writing (this is an exercise in patience, which I desperately need)
  • And of course, a lot more going to the gym

Tune in next year to see how it went.

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