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Blog Maintenance

I’ve thought about scrapping this blog and creating a new one. This blog feels so 2007. A fair number of my posts are about my experience with generalized anxiety disorder, a condition that for the most part is no longer part of my life. There is a stigma surrounding issues of mental health and I’ve questioned whether I want to be identified by my experience with anxiety. Ultimately I’ve decided that it’s much more meaningful to be open and honest and to address any stigma rather than hide from it. This is a common condition in our culture, and if we were willing to be open about it then that might go a long way towards combating it.

My blogging has been so sporadic, in part because I overthink it. Lately I’ve done as much talking about the process of blogging as I have done blogging itself. Going forward I am just going to run with it and see where it takes me.

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Blogging: One form of intellectual self-discipline

Apparently I once called blogging a discipline. I’ll publicly pat myself on the back: I was right about that. When else would I be forced to sit down and write in a coherent manner? When else would I have to fully develop a thought in order to share it with the world? My college days are behind me, my career requires little in the way of formal writing, and as a new mother I don’t always have a lot of time for intellectual development. Time is a precious commodity, yet I still manage to squander it in ways that don’t fulfill me. I’ve been working on that lately; I read more and watch TV less. But reading is only one side of the coin – one must express one’s self as well. Writing has always been an important outlet for me. In high school, I journaled. In college, I wrote essays. Today, I write emails. I enjoy these three forms of writing, but right now I find that they pale in comparison to blogging. I no longer have much of a need to journal privately as I did in high school, and I no longer have an audience who will read my essays as I did in college. Email will always be a part of my life, but my emails are written quickly without much thought to style or form – or even organized thought at times.


I can’t promise that I’ll always be eloquent. My aim is to be coherent, honest and thoughtful. I’m a bit rusty, a bit sleep-deprived and a bit preoccupied with my 9 month-old son, but I am looking forward to this exercise. (Thanks to Jimmy for the kick in the rear).

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Sucky life leads to sadness

One blogger alleges that most people are depressed for a very good reason. The thesis is that it’s normal to be sad when your life sucks. It’s strange to nod my head in agreement while I simultaneously feel a little defensive. Continue reading

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Vox vs. Blogger

Vox sounds promising but ends up being uninspiring. It seems that the goal of the site is to enhance the community aspect of blogging, kinda like a grown-up LiveJournal. It is a nice idea, but unnecessary. So after spending a day playing with Vox, I am abandoning it.

My blogging has historically been a failed endeavor, so I am trying not to over think this.

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