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Recovering from Anxiety

Since I have written so much about the experience of anxiety and my road to recovery, I thought it would only be fair to write about what it is like to be 99% recovered from the experience. First, a quick recap:


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Sucky life leads to sadness

One blogger alleges that most people are depressed for a very good reason. The thesis is that it’s normal to be sad when your life sucks. It’s strange to nod my head in agreement while I simultaneously feel a little defensive. Continue reading

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Anxiety workshop

I’m learning that the approach to anxiety must be twofold. First, you must inspect the root cause. The ultimate focus of this step is healing. Second, you must make changes in your lifestyle to deter anxiety. Both steps are equally important. Both can and should be undertaken simultaneously. Continue reading

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Doctor’s orders

Last Friday I met with my totally-awesome family doctor to discuss my Zoloft prescription. Some people advise against relying on a PCP for mental health issues. I say that I am still mentally sound and able to make that decision for myself. I’ve researched my issues and talk to my doctor about my concerns. I trust him while still acknowledging that I am my best advocate. Continue reading

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Zoloft is making me fat

zoloft blobI hate to admit it, but there it is: Zoloft is making me fat. Additionally, it’s making me tired. I can easily sleep ten hours at night and take a two-hour nap during the day… and then do the same thing the next day, and the next day. Oh yes, and there is one other unpleasant side effect: night sweats. Continue reading

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