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Mitten Strings for God

mitten stringsYou might be surprised, but a mother of a 9-month old who only works 2 days a week can still qualify as a “mother in a hurry”. Hurried is sometimes just a state of mind. I become stuck in a cycle of counting down the hours until nap time, rushing out to run errand in between nap times, and then using that precious nap time to do something totally mundane (checking Facebook, for instance). At the end of the day, my baby hasn’t received the attention that he needs and I’m exhausted from all the running around.


Mitten Strings for God is all about slowing down, turning off the TV, and spending meaningful time with one another. It’s about letting children be children – not overscheduling them for this or that and instead allowing them to explore nature and discover the wonders of their imagination. This is all stuff that I have always believed in, but sometimes I need a refresher course. In that vein, I plan to re-read this lovely little book once a year or so. 


I’ve also made immediate changes in my life due to the author’s eloquent influence:


– Sunday is now a true “day of rest”. I don’t know why I’ve never seemed to understand this concept. I typically have a long list of to-do’s that don’t get done on Saturday and simply must be done by Monday. You can imagine how much fun Sundays have been. It’s a challenge for me to focus on resting, spending time with family and/or doing something fun. But it makes the weekend so much more enjoyable and I can greet Monday feeling rejuvenated.


– I won’t make to-do lists anymore. They don’t do anything but stress me out. I’ll do something when I remember about it and when I get around to it. So far, this has not made me any less effective. I’m equally effective and much more relaxed.


– I cancelled my cable television and DVR service. We don’t have much time to watch TV anyway, and I really don’t want my children to watch much, either. The home environment that I strive to create is one of conversation and games and books and time spent outdoors. TV is subpar. 


– I’m facing my consumerist tendencies. Though the author doesn’t really address it specifically, it almost goes without saying that consumerism is contrary to a life of simplicity and balance. I don’t know yet what this means for me and my family. I do know that lately my hobby has been shopping, and that must stop.


One final note – this is not a religious book. The title comes from a story about one of the author’s children (you’ll have to read the book to get the backstory). This is a spiritual book in the sense that the author discusses nurturing our own souls as well as our childrens’ souls. “Suddenly there is room for joy and play and intimacy, space for wonder and reverie, and time to awaken to the beauty of the world and discover the sacred in the ordinary.”


June 8, 2009 - Posted by | books, introspection, motherhood

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  1. Interesting you’re not making lists anymore… I find that making lists relaxes me because otherwise I forget all the things I want to do. I hate the feeling of having a great idea or an important task that I’ve forgotten. Even if I don’t do everything on the list, at least I don’t have the anxiety of not knowing what it was I intended.

    Comment by James | June 12, 2009

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