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Hopefully heaven isn’t as lame as this book

A few months ago I picked up 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life at the bargain section of Barnes & Noble. I don’t normally read books in this goofy genre, but I had heard about this book somewhere. At the time I thought that I had heard it mentioned on NPR, but I have since decided that this couldn’t possibly be the case.

My short introduction probably gives away my feelings toward this book. The author devoted very little time to recount his visit to heaven following a bad car accident. The book focused much more on the other parts of the story, devoting more pages to the author’s physical therapy than his recount of heaven. The story was mildly interesting, but nothing I would recommend, and not worth the $5 I spent. I didn’t learn much about heaven that I didn’t already know; namely that it is a nice place where your dead friends and family now reside. I sound flippant because I am. This wasn’t exactly a convincing recount of a near-death (or actual death) experience.


June 2, 2007 Posted by | books, christianity, religion | 2 Comments