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Saving Fish from Drowning

Saving Fish from DrowningAmy Tan’s books are famous for their mother-daughter themes. Her writing also deals with cultural differences, primarily those between East (mostly Chinese) and West (mostly the United States). As a first-generation Chinese-American, Tan experienced the demands of both worlds. She writes stories about ordinary people, often facing heartache as they feel the pull in different directions.

This book has a different theme. It’s a little more adventurous, and a little less focused on relationships and associated hardships. It’s an enjoyable read, but it’s not Tan’s best work. It’s not as moving as her other work. There weren’t any characters that I could identify with. I also didn’t care for the ending.

I find that I am liking Tan’s older work better than her newer work.

Genre: Fiction
Source: I first read Amy Tan in 10th grade World Lit class. I liked her work and I suppose that’s why I am still reading it today.


March 8, 2007 - Posted by | books

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