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Last Friday I met with my totally-awesome family doctor to discuss my Zoloft prescription. Some people advise against relying on a PCP for mental health issues. I say that I am still mentally sound and able to make that decision for myself. I’ve researched my issues and talk to my doctor about my concerns. I trust him while still acknowledging that I am my best advocate.

On to the issue at hand: I was there to discuss Zoloft. I’ve been on 50 mg a day since October 2006, and I was ready to stop taking it. I am in a better place, one where I would rather take the remnants of lingering anxiety over the annoying side effects of medication. Maybe I am a little overly optimistic about this, but the underlying reasons for my anxiety are evidence in my favor. That is, it was the result of a cumulation of highly stressful events which I handled poorly by pushing myself much too hard. Since I can easily identify this root cause, I feel that my anxiety is probably at a point where it can be managed without drugs.

My doctor is sympathetic to all of this. Yet he has encouraged me to remain on the medication for just three more months. In the meantime, we will up the dosage to 100mg. If I am on the medication for a little while longer, I reduce the risk of recurrence. For reasons only partially explored, I am obviously prone and susceptible to anxiety. I hope to never again experience the stress that got me to this point, and I’ve begun making steps to ensure that I am more careful with the way I live my life.

The next three months won’t see me standing idly by while the medicine works its magic. I’ve already begun implementing changes in my life to deter anxiety. I’m avoiding caffeine and getting outside to exercise. I’m mulling and contemplating the direction of my life. My good friend and life coach Connie has suggested some very worthwhile journaling exercises to help me along. More on these things later.


March 7, 2007 - Posted by | anti-depressants, anxiety, self-actualization

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