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My first 5k experience

Liz runsYesterday I achieved a long-held goal: I ran my first 5k race, the ShamRock ‘n Roll. I ran with a friend as well as my dog Ginger. I knew my husband wouldn’t be interested in running the race, especially since he recently broke his leg. Instead he cheered us all on, in a “please run fast so we can go home soon” kind of way.
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Natural Birth Control

Birth control doesn’t have to be hormonal (such as the pill) and it doesn’t have to be a barrier method (such as a condom). You don’t have to abstain or use withdrawal or any other pseudo-form of birth control. A woman’s egg can live for only 24 hours (Caveat! Sperm can live up to 5 days). Why should a woman be on a hormonal birth control when she can take charge of her own fertility? Pay attention to the cues and you too can use this effective method. Continue reading

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Anxiety workshop

I’m learning that the approach to anxiety must be twofold. First, you must inspect the root cause. The ultimate focus of this step is healing. Second, you must make changes in your lifestyle to deter anxiety. Both steps are equally important. Both can and should be undertaken simultaneously. Continue reading

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Saving Fish from Drowning

Saving Fish from DrowningAmy Tan’s books are famous for their mother-daughter themes. Her writing also deals with cultural differences, primarily those between East (mostly Chinese) and West (mostly the United States). As a first-generation Chinese-American, Tan experienced the demands of both worlds. She writes stories about ordinary people, often facing heartache as they feel the pull in different directions. Continue reading

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Enjoyment vs. Fullfillment

I enjoy my job, but it does not fulfill me. Some days I have a lot of fun as I tackle issues and work with my team. Other days I am tired of bureaucracy and long, unnecessary meetings. Every day I am thankful that I don’t have to work. I am thankful that someday soon I will take a long sabbatical as I pursue family life full-time. I am sure that motherhood will be fulfilling at times in ways I have never experienced, but I’m also sure that a lot of it is unenjoyable. This begs the question: is asking for both enjoyment and fulfillment too much?

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Doctor’s orders

Last Friday I met with my totally-awesome family doctor to discuss my Zoloft prescription. Some people advise against relying on a PCP for mental health issues. I say that I am still mentally sound and able to make that decision for myself. I’ve researched my issues and talk to my doctor about my concerns. I trust him while still acknowledging that I am my best advocate. Continue reading

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